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Festival season in Japan

Monsters Club 『モンスターズクラブ』

October and November have become the unofficial “film festival season” in Japan. The Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival (Oct 6 – 13), the Tokyo International Film Festival (Oct 22 – 30), and TOKYO FILMeX (Nov 19 – 27) are all squeezed into this two-month window. And this year, they’re joined by the SKIP CITY INTERNATIONAL D-Cinema FESTIVAL (Oct 8 – 16), which pushed back its dates from its usual July slot due to the effects of the March 11 earthquake and tsunami. It’s quite an orgy of films. If you’re a cinephile in Japan, I don’t know if this is a welcome feast or simply overkill. 

Some films I’ve subtitled are featured in the programs:

  • The Woodsman and the Rain (Dir. Shuichi Okita)
    Tokyo International Film Festival,  Competition
  • Monsters Club (Dir. Toshiaki Toyoda)
    TOKYO FILMeX, Special Screenings
  • River (Dir. Ryuichi Hiroki)
    TOKYO FILMeX, Special Screenings

The Woodsman and the Rain and River are both making their world premieres at these respective festivals, while Monsters Club made its debut earlier this month at the Toronto International Film Festival. I’ll write more about these films in a later post, but they’re all worth checking out.


The Woodsman and the Rain 『キツツキと雨』



  • キツツキと雨(監督:沖田修一)
  • モンスターズクラブ(監督:豊田利晃)
  • RIVER(監督:廣木隆一)
『モンスターズクラブ』は 今月開催されたばかりのトロント国際映画祭でデビューを果たしていますが、『キツツキと雨』と『RIVER』はそれぞれの映画祭でワールドプレミアとなります。これらの作品については後ほどまた語りますが、是非ご鑑賞下さい。


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3 Responses to “Festival season in Japan”

  1. Hello, Goto sensei. I just wanted to thank you for your insightful lessons and feedback at JVTA in Tokyo. I was in the Saturday kiso class until the end of August, and am now back in the UK for a few years, so I don’t think I can watch all the new Japanese films that are coming out, but I’ll be looking out for opportunities to see Japanese films (and if I’m lucky, chances to subtitle or do some translation!) in the UK. I can’t wait to learn more about J-E subtitling from your website and blog! (I really want to see The Woodsman and the Rain…)

    Posted by Mari Amano | September 25, 2011, 7:17 am
  2. Thanks for the kind words, Mari. The UK has a great distributor of Japanese films called Third Window Films.

    You should keep tabs on what they’re releasing. Looks like they have a screening of Villain on Sep 28. You can go check it out and let me know what you thought of my subs!

    Hopefully The Woodsman and the Rain will make it out over there sooner than later.

    Posted by tarogoto | September 27, 2011, 8:40 pm
  3. Thanks for your reply, and also for the link! I was totally shocked to see that I’ve missed a bunch of Villain screenings in the UK (missed the one on 28th too…), but I’ll be keeping an eye out for future opportunities. Just found out that my local art cinema is showing some Sono Shion films this week, so heading down there soon!

    Posted by Mari Amano | October 4, 2011, 5:35 am

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